Only when time stands still
Do I see the danger that I’m in.


Learning To Drive – Tips for the Socially Anxious

I passed my driving test last week. Finally! After over a year and a half’s worth of lessons and three tests, I am now legit able to drive a car with no one else’s feet hovering over the second set of pedals!


Sun and Light cause a Fall in their excess. Let go of the damage And Fall. Heal in the oncoming Shadows and chill; The cool balm that will soothe The burn. We are falling at the peak Of our exhaustion, When we peel off our clothes Before slumber. “The Fallen”; not broken or dead. They…

My TOP 5 Inspiring Films for the Exhausted Creative

I don’t know about anyone else, but the last couple of weeks have felt seriously long! Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the feuding coworkers adding their drama to the office din, or maybe it’s that I’m a restless type, but all I want to do is pack up a bag, go to a new…


I have spent every waking moment Devouring hopes, dreams And fears. I have hunted them down, shredded and swallowed the pieces For hours, days… years. I hoard the carcasses and Suck on the bones: Their fading essence I savour. I keep them buried safe, Away from other beasts Also seeking their flavour. * Originally from…