Hi guys!  I’ve seen this 50 Facts About Me tag floating around the blogosphere and YouTube for a few years now and I love to read or watch them so I thought I’d give it a bash!  I have thought of more than 50 but… another post for another day maybe?

1. My toes wriggle when I’m happy or excited.

2. I am a middle child.  I used to be really quite moody about it all though now I think it’s a pretty sweet position to be in! Less pressure to succeed, more connection and communication with those around me, plus I have someone older to turn to for advice and I have someone younger than me to help guide too.  Awesome, right?

3. I have two tattoos! One on my back, which is a sun encasing a crescent moon and Egyptian ankh, and one on my right hip bone, which is a purple butterfly.  People tend to be pretty shocked when they find out I have tattoos.  According to them, they “would never have thought it” about me.  I kind of love those moments where I prove people wrong… it hopefully teaches people to judge others with tattoos a little less. And yes, I’m planning my third.

INFJ Advocate 16 Personalities4. According to a few different MBTI tests, I am an INFJ. The discovery of this a few years ago, plus the realisation that I am an introvert (rather than just a broken, dysfunctional human being), was a massive turning point in my self-perception and helped to change how I treat myself.

5. I am a Pisces! I don’t really believe in the Zodiac but most of the descriptions surrounding Pisces seem to fit me pretty well; eerily well!

6. My favourite Harry Potter characters are Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin, and Minerva McGonagall.

7. My favourite Tolkien characters are Faramir, Elrond, and Galadriel.

8. Pottermore sorted me into Gryffindor!  My wand is Yew, 10 ¾ inches, Surprisingly Swishy, with Unicorn Tail Hair and my Patronus is a Thestral.  My Ilvermorny House is Thunderbird!

giphy9. That being said, I identify as a Gryffinclaw! 

10. The smell of lilies always gives me a massive headache.

11. I auditioned for Lavender Brown in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when I was 16.  If things had gone differently it could have been me kissing Rupert Grint…

12. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Medieval Studies and English Literature from Swansea University.

13. And a Master of Arts in Communications, Media Practice and PR – also from Swansea University.

untitled-63014. Littlefinger is my Game of Thrones crush…

15. But Sansa Stark is my Queen in the North and if anybody’s going to kill Petyr Baelish, I want it to be her! #TeamSansa

16. Including my digs at university, I’ve lived in 16 different homes.  Sometimes I wake up forgetting which house I’m in.

17. I’ve had social anxiety issues and shyness all of my life.
 But I’ve only come to accept that anxiety in recent years.

18. Thomas Charles of Bala is an ancestor of mine from my Mum’s side of the family.

19. I didn’t fully understand that my hair was curly until I was about 11.  My hair had always been fluffy and frizzy but it was long and was brushed through into a mass of fluff every single day.  It wasn’t until I was due to go on a Summer holiday to Portugal, before starting secondary school, that my Mum decided to cut it above shoulder length – and the curls started to bounce! From then on I ditched the dreaded hairbrush!

20. I was vegetarian for 5 years during secondary school. I lost quite a lot of weight because I hadn’t learned how to properly cook for myself yet. I started eating meat again and I regained that weight.  I do enjoy eating most meats, fish and seafood, though I’m still a bit funny about steaks and chops. 

21. I love the TV show Supernatural, I’ve been watching it for years, but I’m still only at season 10.  I have some catching up to do… #TeamDean

22. Apart from the Harry Potter series and Tolkien’s works, my favourite books of all time are Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov and Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

23. I’m in love with Obi-Wan Kenobi. I seriously need a Kenobi film to be made! I’m a Rey is a Kenobi believer!

24. I love makeup and beauty but people never think I’m telling the truth when I say it.
 People think I don’t wear much makeup – I do, just not Instagram-style. I love playing around with products, trying out tutorials from YouTube and reading about the historical and latest developments in beauty and cosmetics.  I may be a “book girl”, but I’m also a bit of a “makeup and beauty girl”. You can be both!

25. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.  I don’t think I ever will.

26. In my life, I’ve imagined myself becoming a midwife, an aromatherapist, an archaeologist, an actress, a historical novelist and a screenwriter.  I think you can clearly see here the lifelong transition from reality to fantasy.

27. I own one pair of heels which I’ve had since I was 17. They’re still alive and kicking – but mainly because I only wear them about once a year.

28. For years I’ve wanted to try having bright purple curls.  But I’m too chicken to actually do it. Look how pretty purple curls are!

29. I love Marmite.

30. I love Twiglets.

31. I love putting Twiglets into Marmite and eating it like chips and dip.

32. I can’t get my winged eyeliner to match so I’ve stopped trying.

33. People usually seem to think I’m scared or sad about something and often go “are you ok?” #RestingSadFace anyone? There’s usually only fangirling going on in my head.

34. I suck at texting or calling people back. Sorry but not sorry about that one to be honest.  I hate the phone!

35. I’ve never touched a cigarette. I’ve passed a packet over to someone but that’s as close as I’ve ever got.

36. I have not had a hangover since 2013.

37. As a tween, I used to have a folder/scrapbook of Orlando Bloom pictures.  Although by the time The Return of The King movie had been released, I was already #TeamFaramir

38. I cry every single time I watch Little Women.  The rose petals being sprinkled onto Beth’s bed and dolls is the bit that gets me.

39. I am half-Welsh and half-English. My Mum and her family are from West Wales, and my Dad and his family are from Epping, Essex and they were both in the RAF.  Though I was born in England, I was raised in Wales since I was 7 and I remember very little from living in England before that.

40. As a child I performed my interpretation of the River Dance to my family.  They still won’t let me live it down…

41. I used to so jealous Emma Watson for the fact that she played Hermione Granger.  I so badly wanted to be Hermione that it bugged me that anybody else got to play her.  But now I think she’s fantastic! She may not be the best actor in the world but she’s an excellent role model for the youth of today!  I seriously respect the guts she’s shown in trying to get her voice heard without being held back as simply “a young woman”.  It’s not always easy to speak up when you know so many people see you just as a little girl.

42. I have never been to a fan convention, ComicCon or anything like that. I’ve always been too self-conscious about publicly displaying my geekiness to go.  Plus I’ve always felt as though I didn’t have anybody who’d want to go with me.

43. My dream cosplay characters are Anna from Van Helsing, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, San from Princess Mononoke, Evie from The Mummy, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Hannah Annafellows from Black Butler and Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter.

44. I am a massive Anime and Manga fan! As a teenager, I felt that manga and anime would touch on issues in a way that so many western teen literature and shows would not.  I still watch anime now with my most recent favourite being Yuri!!! on Ice.

45. I’ve not been abroad since 2012. I miss travelling so much it hurts and I feel restless every time someone tells me their travel plans. I always told myself to never stop exploring but I’ve had to take that step back from it for a few years.  Though I do not regret that decision in the slightest.

46. In the Summer of 2010, I did a charity hitchhike to Morocco from Swansea with a friend from Uni.  It was one of the biggest turning points of my young life. I learned what I was capable of, what was important to me as well as what I needed to let go of.

47. In the summer of 2011, I stayed in Weihai, China for a month with people from Swansea University as part of an internationalisation project.  I’ve never had so much fun in my life and I miss the amount of excitement each day brought while I was out there.

48. In the Winter of 2011, I travelled to Romania on my own between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve to that I could track wolves and lynxes in the wild with a professional.  I also got to see some pretty stunning castles and palaces.

49. I love historical dramas, literary adaptations, and documentaries! I also love fantasy and inspired pieces like Sherlock, Supernatural and Penny Dreadful.

50. I once ate bird poop in the garden as a toddler, thinking it was food.  My horrified Mum got me to wash it down with a glass of milk.  It’s one of the oh so many things that I get reminded about in family gatherings.
It takes longer than you’d imagine to come up with even 10 facts about yourself! Have any of you guys done this tag before?  Let me know in the comments! See you soon!


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