TBR MAY ‘17: Re-reads and Reader’s Overwhelm

I had a few pretty great reading months since the start of 2017, but since the middle of April, I’ve been in a little bit of a slump. It’s always hard to pinpoint why it happens, but I guess sometimes it’s just “Reader’s Overwhelm”


This is my second time using Garnier Olia 5.15 Frosted Chocolate. I bought two of these a few months ago while they were on offer at Superdrug and this current application/review is the “refresh”.

STARTING A BLOG #1 – Finding My Niche

I’m sure many of you have been in this position yourself; you’ve had an idea, you can’t stop thinking about it, possibly for years, and you finally decide to just get-that-shit-done! You then set yourself up, apparently for success with all of the over-planning, to find the blankness of your idea staring back at you with nothing coming from you to fill it. This is where I was with starting an unknowingly doomed blog this time last year.


Hi guys! I’ve seen this 50 Facts About Me tag floating around the blogosphere and YouTube for a few years now and I love to read or watch them so I thought I’d give it a bash! I have thought of more than 50 but… another post for another day maybe?


About a month ago I was given a Lush gift card for my birthday and, with my carefully curated wish list lodged into my brain, I wasted no time in heading to the store in Cardiff. It was my first ever Lush haul and yes, Dear Reader, it was heaven on earth!